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Working in Rome offers a unique experience, blending the ancient and the modern in a dynamic professional environment. The city, steeped in history and culture, stands out for its diversified economy, encompassing sectors such as tourism, services, fashion, and much more. Professional opportunities arise within international companies established in the city, as well as within the local entrepreneurial fabric, often composed of small family businesses. Whether working in modern business districts or at the heart of renowned artistic institutions, working in Rome provides a unique immersion in a blend of tradition and innovation, creating a stimulating and captivating professional environment. In this article, we will discuss the various opportunities available to you in 2024!

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The job market in Rome

The job market in Rome, as the dynamic capital of Italy, reflects a diversity of professional opportunities across different sectors. With a mix of large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as numerous international institutions, Rome offers a range of opportunities in fields such as tourism, fashion, art, technology, and administration. The international organizations present in the city also create positions for multilingual professionals. The tourism sector plays a key role due to the city’s rich historical and cultural heritage. Additionally, the vibrancy of the fashion sector, with Rome being one of the centers of Italian haute couture, creates opportunities in the fashion and design industry. Individuals seeking professional opportunities in Rome can explore a diverse job market while enjoying the unique lifestyle that the Eternal City offers

The job market in Lazio

If you’re not yet convinced that working in Lazio meets your expectations, the information and announcements on this page could help clarify your ideas. It’s the second most populous region in Italy, with 378 municipalities spread across 5 provinces, and approximately 11% of its population being of foreign nationality. Among those looking for how to find work in Lazio, there are also commuters from neighboring regions such as Abruzzo, Tuscany, Marche, Campania, Umbria, and Molise.

Lazio is home to prestigious universities and is one of the Italian regions with the highest number of graduates and the best business growth rate. It’s also one of the leading regions in Italy in the horticulture sector and ranks first in the production of products such as zucchini and hazelnuts. Within Lazio is also the Vatican City State, which indirectly supports the already thriving tourism in the region.

Among the places to look for work in Lazio, we suggest taking a look at job offers in Rome, the regional capital and the capital of the Italian state, in Frosinone, a hub for industry and craftsmanship, and in Viterbo, the city with the largest historic center in Europe.

the job market in lazio

Jobs in demand in Rome

The data provided by the municipality of Rome indicates that among the sectors with the most employees are health and social assistance, education and training, as well as industrial work and business services. These data are reflected in the presence of prestigious schools, universities, training centers, hospitals, health facilities, medical practices, and company headquarters offered by the city.

The strong presence of film studios, television and radio stations, publishing houses, record labels, museums, and galleries attracts professionals and aspiring individuals from the artistic and entertainment industry worldwide to Rome. Furthermore, according to a survey, Rome is the best Italian city in terms of gender equality in the workplace: the city indeed has the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions in both private and public companies.

Lazio is not among the regions that offer the most employment in Italy. Indeed, according to ISTAT data, this region would be very close to the national average in terms of the unemployment rate.

Rome, as the capital of Italy, offers a dynamic but also competitive job market. The unemployment rate in Rome can vary depending on the sectors, with abundant opportunities in fields such as health, education, and business services. However, competition can be intense, especially in professions related to media, culture, and the entertainment industry, where the city plays a major role as an artistic and creative center. Despite the competition, Rome stands out for initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace, with a high percentage of women holding leadership positions in both private and public companies. Employment opportunities are also present in peripheral cities such as Viterbo, Tivoli, and Ciampino for those who prefer a less hectic pace of life than that of a major metropolis

Salary in Rome

The Salary Mapping in Italy for the year 2021 has been published by the Tagliacarne Chamber of Commerce Studies Center, comparing the data to that of 2019. In this ranking, Rome occupies the 5th position, with an average annual salary of 17,774.30 euros, representing an increase of approximately 465 euros compared to 2019 (it is important to take into account the impact of the pandemic which slowed down some sectors).

Job offers in Rome

To seize job opportunities in Rome, you can search on, infojob, Linkedin, or temporary agencies such as Randstad, Adecco, Gigroup, Manpower.

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