How to learn Italian in 2024?

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Learning Italian can be a rewarding experience that opens the door to a new culture and facilitates communication in many contexts. To start, it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the basics of Italian grammar and everyday vocabulary. Even though learning a new language may seem like an unattainable dream, in this article, we will reveal how to learn Italian through using free or low-cost tools as well as unique experiences!

There are several reasons that might drive you to learn Italian, and depending on your project, the time you have available, and the budget you have at your disposal, it will be preferable to choose certain tools over others. It’s evident that the more time, energy, and resources you dedicate to learning, the faster you will progress!

  1. Learning italian online
  2. Learning Italian in Italy
  3. Italian language courses in Italy
  4. Working in Italy
  5. Studying in Italy
  6. How to get started in Italian?

Learning italian online

This formula is accessible to all ages, all levels, and for all projects. We always have our phones at hand and can easily find 15 minutes a day to study a new language. The apps we recommend for learning Italian for free are Duolingo, Drops, and Italiano Fun Easy Learn. There are also others that we may have liked less but can still serve as support, such as Mosalingua.

You’ll also have a wide selection of low-cost apps (less than 10 euros per month) that are very effective for learning Italian, such as Mondly or Babbel.

It’s clear that language learning apps have their limitations and can hardly be the sole learning tool for a language, but as a complement, they are an indispensable asset!

Learning Italian in Italy

Learning Italian for free is possible! Imagine being able to go to Italy, enjoy a free language stay, and not wanting to come back!

Thanks to programs like Workaway and WwooFing, you can choose an Italian host family that will accommodate you in exchange for a little help. Typically, these families have a farm, construction, or artistic activities in which you can participate, and sometimes they simply offer language exchanges. This type of opportunity represents an incredible chance to improve a language, immerse yourself in Italian culture, and build a network.

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Italian language courses in Italy

Once on site, you can also benefit from free Italian language courses organized by municipalities in Italy. For example, the municipality of Milan regularly organizes Italian courses for adults in Italy that can help you improve your skills.

On expat Facebook groups in Italy, you can also find Italian volunteers who want to learn English in exchange for Italian lessons. The tandem method will give you the opportunity to meet new people while learning a language!

Working in Italy

If you decide to jump straight into the workforce, you could choose the summer season to find a summer job in Italy, work as an au pair in Italy, or decide to do an internship in Italy to get a first glimpse of the working world.

It’s clear that by being directly on site, you’ll see your Italian proficiency improve visibly!

Studying in Italy

If you’re in university, then you’ve probably heard of the Erasmus program in Italy, which allows European students to study abroad during their university studies. Every year, more and more students participate in this program, a great opportunity to gain education while learning a new language and culture!

How to get started in Italian?

To start learning a language, it’s essential to begin with Italian courses to give you structure, understand how a sentence is constructed, and get an overview of Italian grammar. Indeed, apps, websites, and videos can serve as support and can provide additional practice, but these tools alone may not give you all the elements to learn a language on your own. Once you’ve taken some Italian lessons and worked with other online resources, a stay in Italy will allow you to complete your learning cycle.

Now you know how to learn Italian in 2024!

Aller en Italie
Aller en Italie
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