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Liguria, a jewel nestled along the Italian Mediterranean coast, has long attracted travelers in search of its picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and enchanting lifestyle. But beyond its tourist appeal, Liguria also offers a dynamic real estate market that piques the interest of investors worldwide.

In this article, we will discuss the real estate market in Liguria, providing a comprehensive overview to help investors understand if this region is a good market for investment.

  1. The Liguria region
  2. Map of Liguria
  3. The most beautiful villages of Liguria
  4. The weather in Liguria
  5. Best things to do in Liguria
  6. Real estate in Liguria
  7. Houses for sale near the Italian border
  8. Real estate in Italy

The Liguria region

Liguria is the third smallest Italian region in terms of area, but every year many tourists choose it as their destination. Getting to Liguria is not difficult, as it’s possible to reach the major cities by train, plane, bus, and also by sea, since it’s the fifth largest Italian tourist port.

Map of Liguria

map of Liguria

Liguria is composed of 4 provinces: Imperia, Savona, Genoa, and La Spezia. Most cities have a train station, so it is possible, in most cases, to travel by train, although connections can sometimes be limited. The primary means of transportation remains the car; however, it is important to be cautious on the winding roads.

To travel from Ospedaletti to Imperia, you also have the option to use the 24km-long cycle path, a great opportunity to enjoy the sea and sun while getting some exercise!

The most beautiful villages of Liguria

Liguria is filled with beautiful villages that are worth visiting, such as the Cinque Terre Park in the province of La Spezia, which is one of the favored destinations for tourists. You will have the opportunity to take sea excursions, long walks among vineyards overlooking the sea, and enjoy a coffee near the various ports. The photos of the Cinque Terre are well-known, and the landscapes are so beautiful that they often grace the covers of magazines featuring Italy!

  • A few kilometers from Sanremo lies one of Liguria’s gems: Bordighera. A very elegant city, which in the late 19th century had more English tourists than inhabitants, greatly influencing the architectural style of the city.
  • The town of Seborga will surprise you because it has a very unique history and still today boasts a Prince and its own currency! The historic center is a small architectural gem!
  • In the list, it is impossible not to mention Sanremo, which beyond being the capital of Italian music, also has a historical soul, thanks to the La Pigna district, which once had a defensive role.
  • Camogli is one of the towns with a postcard-worthy view, with its colorful little houses overlooking the harbor.
  • But it’s not the only town with this characteristic; in a more exclusive manner, there is Portofino, which over time has become the dream destination for celebrities!
  • Between Portofino and Camogli, there is a small, unusual bay, San Fruttuoso, which can only be reached on foot or by boat and has an abbey on the beach!

The list of must-visit places is still long, and one article wouldn’t be enough to list all the wonders of Liguria, but these few towns will allow you to explore a portion of the coast, which is a good start!

The weather in Liguria

One of the main reasons that attracts tourists to Liguria is undoubtedly the climate! Its ideal position shields it from the wind thanks to its massive mountain range on one side and from the cold thanks to the sea on the other side, allowing it to have a mild climate all year round.

Best things to do in Liguria

Beyond its architectural heritage, Liguria offers many experiences not to be missed:

  • For example, you can visit the first Italian casino, built in Sanremo in 1905.
  • You can relive the golden years with a visit to an Italian copper mine dating back to the 19th century, located in Monte Loreto.
  • If you enjoy diving, you can explore the Portofino Natural Park and visit the 17-meter tall statue “The Christ of the Abyss” resting on the seabed of San Fruttuoso.
  • If you’re unable to dive, you can board a tourist submarine (Nemosub) to explore the seabed departing from Lerici or Porto Venere.
  • You can bike along the 24km-long cycle path starting from Ospedaletti and going to Imperia, following the coastline!
  • If you love olives and olive oil, then it’s the perfect time to visit an old mill and taste olive oil and the famous “Taggiasche olives.” Some companies allow visits to the mill, while others only offer tours of the olive groves; you’ll need to email them before your visit.
  • You can’t leave Liguria without visiting Genoa, one of the capitals of the ancient Maritime Republics, which boasts the largest aquarium in Europe and a historic center full of medieval alleyways, leading you to the ancient 19th-century thermal baths for a little relaxation break!

real estate liguria

Real estate in Liguria

Are you still looking for reasons to buy a house in Liguria? We’ll give you one more! After 2015, Liguria saw the price per square meter drop, going from 3,200 euros per square meter in 2014 to 2,550 euros per square meter in 2023. However, prices are gradually rising again, so it’s still a good time to make a sound investment! Nevertheless, Liguria remains a highly sought-after region and remains one of the most expensive regions in Italy (the 3rd most expensive region per square meter). According to, the most expensive province is Savona, followed by Imperia, La Spezia, and finally, the most economical province being Genoa.

Another positive aspect is the demand from foreigners. According to the Gate Away report, in 2021, the number of foreigners wishing to settle in Italy increased by 107.38% compared to 2020, with Liguria being the 3rd most sought-after region!

Houses for sale near the Italian border

If you have chosen to buy a house in Italy and are wondering if Liguria is the ideal region for you, know that each region has its own characteristics and architectural style.  You can search for house listings for sale on,, Before diving in, conduct a brief market study to choose the ideal place to settle!

Real estate in Italy

If you wish to delve deeper into the subject of real estate buying in Italy, we recommend reading our various articles on second homes in Italy, 1 euro houses in Italy, or the one that helps you open a bed and breakfast in Italy. You can also participate in one of our webinars dedicated to real estate buying in Italy to get all the information on the steps to buying a house in Italy, Italian taxation, real estate scams in Italy, how to avoid them, and you can ask all your questions live.

Are you ready to dive into the analysis of real estate in Liguria?

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