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Buying house in Italy near the sea at an affordable price can be an exciting opportunity for those seeking to fulfill their dream of owning a waterfront property. In Italy, some less touristy regions offer interesting opportunities for buyers looking for affordable real estate. Places like Calabria, Abruzzo, Molise, and other lesser-known regions may present attractive deals. These regions may not only offer lower prices but also a more authentic experience of Italian life.

  1. Houses for sale Italy by the sea
  2. Houses for sale in Calabria Italy
  3. Houses for sale in Basilicata Italy
  4. Houses for sale in Abruzzo Italy
  5. Houses for sale in the Marche Italy
  6. Houses for sale in Molise Italy

Houses for sale in Italy by the sea

Buying seaside houses at affordable prices in lesser-known regions of Italy offers an enticing opportunity for those seeking a tranquil spot with authentic charm. Abruzzo, with its preserved beaches and towns like Vasto and Francavilla al Mare, offers attractive properties. Molise, although less explored, provides advantageous prices, even in sought-after destinations like Termoli and Campomarino. In Calabria, the Ionian coast presents interesting real estate opportunities at affordable costs, while the Marche and Basilicata offer economical alternatives with gems like Sirolo and Maratea. These less frequented regions promise an authentic Mediterranean lifestyle, idyllic beaches, and welcoming communities, all while allowing buyers to fulfill their dream of owning a seaside home without sacrificing their budget

Houses for sale in Calabria Italy

If you’re in search of bargains, some of the most affordable seaside houses for sale in Italy are found precisely in Calabria. This region boasts both a western coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea and an eastern one overlooking the Ionian Sea. Additionally, Calabria stands out for its relatively low cost of living in Italy, making it easier to maintain your property. Enjoy the beauty of coastal landscapes without worrying about breaking the bank.

According to, the locality of Scalea is likely the ideal starting point if you’re considering buying a house in Italy near the beach without spending a fortune. Affordable properties are also available along the Riviera dei Cedri and in San Nicola Arcella along the Tyrrhenian Sea.

buy a house in Italy near the sea

Houses for sale in Basilicata Italy

Along the Ionian coast of Basilicata, you’ll discover the charming seaside areas of the municipalities of Nova Siri (1001 euros/m2), Rotondella (1123 euros/m2), Policoro (1619 euros/m2), Scanzano Jonico (1071 euros/m2), Pisticci (1350 euros/m2), and the picturesque hamlet of Metaponto. Here, the average price per square meter is around 1,100 euros, providing an attractive option for those dreaming of a home in Italy near the sea. For a slightly more exclusive experience, Maratea (1789 euros/m2) offers seaside houses for sale, but fortunately, they remain below 2,000 €/m².

Houses for sale in Abruzzo Italy

The beaches of Abruzzo offer an enchanting blend of natural beauty, golden sands, and crystal-clear waters along the Adriatic coast. Coastal towns such as Vasto (€1505/m²), Rocca San Giovanni (€1169/m²), San Vito Chietino (€1166/m²), Ortona (€1031/m²), and Francavilla al Mare (€1841/m²) reveal stretches of preserved and welcoming coastline. Stretching between sea and mountains, the Abruzzo beaches offer a unique seaside experience, where visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the sea while surrounded by the picturesque panorama of the surrounding mountains.

In the areas of Vasto, Punta Aderci, San Vito Chietino, and Ortona, you can find the most beautiful beaches in Abruzzo, and real estate prices remain affordable, a great investment opportunity!

Houses for sale in the Marche Italy

In the Marche region, you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains. The most sought-after destinations in the Marche are Sirolo (€2916/m2), which boasts crystal-clear waters and enchanting landscapes, and Civitanova Marche (€2120/m2), recently awarded the Blue Flag recognition. A fairly economical alternative is offered by Fermo (€1284/m2), which enjoys beautiful beaches and pine forests near the sea.

But if you really want to make good deals, it’s worth buying north of Ancona, where prices remain low in the towns of Falconara Marittima (€1067/m2) or Montemarciano (€1234/m2).

Houses for sale in Molise Italy

The coastal areas of Molise are experiencing increasing popularity, attracting the attention of real estate buyers due to their coastal appeal. Even in sought-after localities like Termoli (1752 euros/m2) and Campomarino (1094 euros/m2), demand remains strong, but what particularly distinguishes this region is the maintenance of affordable prices. It is noteworthy that even in these attractive destinations, property prices remain below the 2000 euros per square meter mark. This offers investors and sea enthusiasts a unique opportunity to acquire property at relatively low costs while enjoying the Mediterranean charms, picturesque beaches, and exceptional quality of life in the coastal gems of Molise.

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