What to do in Bergamo?

What to do in Bergamo? Bergamo, a medieval gem of Lombardy, unfolds as an Italian destination of exceptional beauty, blending historical charm with contemporary ambiance. As a capital of culture, alongside Brescia, Bergamo offers a rich and diverse experience to its visitors. Nestled amidst green hills, the city unveils a captivating history through the cobbled streets of the Città Alta, the old medieval town, while the Città Bassa, the more modern lower part, pulsates with contemporary energy. Bergamo captivates history, art, and gastronomy enthusiasts, offering majestic castles, ancient churches, delicious local cuisine, and an authentic atmosphere. The famous walls, listed as UNESCO World Heritage, surround the Città Alta, adding a majestic touch to the city’s silhouette. This introduction guides you through the multiple facets of Bergamo, revealing the must-dos and must-sees for a memorable experience in this city steeped in history and charm. Ready to discover Bergamo?

  1. How much time does it takes to visit Bergamo?
  2. Top 10 things to do in Bergamo
  3. Visiting Bergamo in 1 day
  4. Visiting Bergamo in 2 days
  5. What to eat in Bergamo?
  6. Where to eat in Bergamo?
  7. Renting a car in Bergamo

How much time does it take to visit Bergamo?

The visit to Bergamo, located in the Lombardy region of Italy, offers an enchanting experience of history, culture, and medieval charm. The upper town, called “Città Alta,” is dominated by a medieval fortress and surrounded by walls. Wandering through its cobbled streets, visitors discover picturesque squares, richly decorated churches like the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, and breathtaking panoramic views from the castle walls. The narrow streets are filled with artisan shops, cafes, and restaurants offering delicious Italian cuisine. The lower town, “Città Bassa,” contrasts with the old town with its lively atmosphere, modern avenues, and elegant shops. A visit to Bergamo immerses you in an authentic atmosphere, where historic architecture blends with contemporary daily life, creating an unforgettable experience. To take the time to enjoy a relaxing moment in Bergamo, we recommend a stay of 1 or 2 days in Bergamo.

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Top 10 things to do in Bergamo

It’s not easy to choose only 10 things to do in Bergamo, but we’ve tried to list the things you can’t miss

  1. Taking a ride on the funicular: Take the funicular to go up or down between the old town and the lower city.
  2. Indulging in stracciatella where it was created, at Café La Marianna.
  3. Exploring the ramparts of Città Alta: Walk along the ramparts of the old town for a magnificent view of the surroundings.
  4. Attending an Atalanta match: If you’re a football fan, experience watching a match of the local team, Atalanta.
  5. Visiting the Donizetti Museum: Explore the birth home of composer Gaetano Donizetti, now turned into a museum.
  6. Strolling through Piazza Vecchia: Visit the main square of the old town, surrounded by historic buildings and the Palazzo della Ragione.
  7. Savoring local cuisine: Enjoy Bergamo’s cuisine at one of the many local restaurants.
  8. Discovering the Accademia Carrara Museum: Explore this art museum housing a rich collection of Italian paintings.
  9. Climbing the Torre dei Caduti: Enjoy the panoramic view from this tower, offering an exceptional vantage point over the city.
  10. Exploring Bergamo Castle: Discover the medieval fortress overlooking Città Alta, offering breathtaking views

Visiting Bergamo in 1 day

The city of Bergamo has created 3 different itineraries to satisfy visitors from around the world. The 1-day Bergamo itinerary we propose focuses on the Città Alta part, specifically on the “Il Miglio della bellezza” (The Mile of Beauty):

  • Take the Bergamo Bassa funicular to reach the Bergamo Alta part.
  • A stroll along the city walls, classified as UNESCO World Heritage.
  • A walk through the center of the old town: from Piazza Vecchia, Palazzo della Ragione, Il Battistero, the Cappella Colleoni, the Duomo, to the Antico Lavatoio.
  • For the afternoon, a shopping moment in vintage shops and discovering Bergamo specialties such as i casoncelli alla bergamasca, Polenta e Osei, and tasting Stracciatella at the café where the recipe was invented.

Bergame en 1 jour

Visiting Bergamo in 2 days

For a worthwhile 2-day itinerary in Bergamo, we suggest spending the morning in Città Bassa, with a visit to the Donizzetti Theater and exploring the churches of San Bartolomeo, Santo Stefano, and Santo Spirito, where some paintings by the famous painter Lorenzo Lotto (1521) can be found.

In the afternoon, it would be interesting to stroll along il Sentierone, a street with a very long history and timeless elegance, a symbol of the city and its promenade: Bergamo’s Sentierone is probably its most famous boulevard, which, starting from Via Roma near the station, connects the lower and upper parts.

For the second day, we recommend following the itinerary for Bergamo in 1 day, which is very comprehensive

What to eat in Bergamo?

The culinary richness of Bergamo and its province is truly immense and relies on authentic products such as meat and cheese from local farms. From appetizers to desserts, Bergamo tables won’t disappoint even the most demanding palates thanks to simple recipes passed down from generation to generation. Here are all our tips on what to eat in Bergamo:

  • La Polenta e Osei: There are different variations, but the original is made with sweet polenta, almond paste, and dark chocolate.
  • I casoncelli: This pasta with ancient origins is made of eggs and flour, the filling consists of meat, Grana cheese, amaretti biscuits, raisins, and parsley, and they are served with melted butter, bacon, and sage.
  • La torta Donizzetti: It’s a simple crown-shaped cake, but in the dough are added candied apricots, candied pineapple, and maraschino, giving it a delicate yet intense flavor.
  • La Polenta taragna: In Bergamo, one doesn’t simply eat polenta, but enjoys taragna polenta, made with cornmeal and buckwheat flour, mixed with water. Often, melted butter and cheese (fontina or branzi) are added to the sticky, grainy dough to create “polenta onta.”
  • Il gelato alla stracciatella: Perhaps not everyone knows it, but stracciatella ice cream was born in Bergamo in 1961 when Enrico Panettoni, in his gelateria, decided to add shards of dark chocolate to whole milk ice cream. To this day, his shop is still open and attracts many visitors every day!


Where to eat in Bergamo?

Among the best restaurants in Bergamo, we recommend:

  • Da Mimmo: A true institution in Bergamo. This restaurant offers typical dishes of Italian and Bergamasque cuisine.
  • Al Carroponte: If you love wine, remember this address. This restaurant, a wine bar, offers more than 1800 wine references that will seduce you.
  • La Marianna: For a coffee or a sweet treat, we recommend this place where stracciatella was invented.
  • Da Vittorio: This place is always mentioned among the best restaurants in Bergamo, so we decided to highlight it as well.
  • Vineria Cozzi: An original idea for an outdoor meal. This place offers well-stocked picnic baskets for an incredible experience!

Renting a car in Bergamo

Renting a car in Bergamo, from the airport, can be very useful but not if you stay in the city center because in Bergamo Città Alta, it will be difficult to park your vehicle and you risk fines if you enter the ZTL areas without authorization.

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Now you know what to do in Bergamo!

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