Renting a car in Palermo

Renting a car in Palermo offers unparalleled freedom to explore this Mediterranean island rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you arrive at the airport or prefer to pick up your vehicle in the city center, this option allows you to travel at your own pace, discover the hidden treasures of the region, and fully enjoy the Sicilian experience. Here are all our tips on car rental in Palermo!

  1. Should you rent a car in Palermo?
  2. Rent a car in Palermo airport
  3. Rent a car in Palermo
  4. Cheap rent a car in Palermo
  5. 10 things to do in Sicily near Palermo

Should you rent a car in Palermo?

The decision to rent a car in Palermo depends on various factors, including your travel plans, preferences, and needs. Palermo, the capital of Sicily, has a public transportation network, including buses and trams, which can allow you to move around the city relatively conveniently. If your stay mainly focuses on visiting Palermo and local attractions, it’s possible to get around efficiently with public transportation, on foot, or using taxi services.

However, if you plan to explore more of Sicily and visit places outside of Palermo, renting a car in Palermo can be an interesting option. This gives you the flexibility to discover surrounding regions, visit remote sites, and enjoy greater autonomy in your schedule.

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Rent a car in Palermo airport

Renting a car at Palermo airport is a convenient and efficient solution for travelers eager to explore Sicily independently upon their arrival. Several well-established rental companies operate directly from the airport, offering a variety of vehicles ranging from small economy cars to larger models suitable for families or groups

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Rent a car in Palermo

Opting for car rental in the center of Palermo offers an excellent alternative for those who prefer to start their Sicilian adventure directly from the heart of the city. It will be possible to reach the center with the Terravision company, which offers rides every 30 minutes, lasting about an hour at a cost of approximately 6 euros. This can be a good alternative if the price of car rental in the center of Palermo is more advantageous during your stay.

Cheap rent a car in Palermo

Renting a car in Palermo can be challenging if certain precautions are not taken. Perhaps you have already read our article with all the tips for renting a car in Italy, but we will try to summarize here some important points for renting a car cheaply in Palermo:

  • Book in advance: The car fleet of agencies in Italy has been significantly reduced since the pandemic, and the demand for rentals is still higher than the available cars. As the high season approaches, prices soar, sometimes they come down before departure, sometimes not. Therefore, it is important to book as early as possible to benefit from the best rates.
  • Compare prices: By comparing different rental offers, significant savings can be made. Especially by comparing prices at airports with those in the city center, or with those of neighboring cities accessible by train.
  • Opt for a reasonably sized car: Choose a car that meets your actual needs. Opting for a reasonably sized and economical car can not only save you on the rental cost but also on fuel expenses. Sometimes it can be interesting to look at the price of utility vehicles because sometimes it is possible to find even lower rates.
  • Get a personalized quote for Palermo through our partnership with Discovercars.

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10 things to do in Sicily near Palermo

It’s never easy to choose just 10 among the breathtaking places of Sicily, a region that is simply incredible, proving to be an almost impossible mission. History, art, culture, and nature blend into a fantastic tapestry that will captivate every free spirit, every travel enthusiast. So here’s what you absolutely must see near Palermo:

  1. Reach San Vito lo Capo: don’t miss the beaches and villages protected by Monte Monaco; it’s worth seeing the old lighthouse, Tonnara di Cofano, Tonnara del Secco.
  2. Visit the magnificent Zingaro Nature Reserve (Riserva dello Zingaro).
  3. Enter one of the salt flats in the lagoon, on the salt road.
  4. Go to Marsala, known for its famous sweet wine.
  5. Visit the Valley of the Temples, which houses well-preserved remains of ancient Greek temples.
  6. Take a trip to Favignana, one of the islands of the Aegadian Islands archipelago in Sicily.
  7. Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Mondello Beach.
  8. Climb the famous Scala dei Turchi, a spectacular rock formation located on the south coast of Sicily, Italy, near the town of Agrigento.
  9. Visit the unique rum production in Italy, in Avola, near Siracusa.
  10. Visit the ancient prison, Palazzo Chiaramonte, which was the seat of the Sicilian Inquisition in Palermo.

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