Renting a car in Verona Italy

Car rental in Verona, Italy offers valuable flexibility and freedom to explore this beautiful Italian city and its picturesque surroundings. Nestled in the Veneto region, Verona captivates with its rich cultural heritage, historic architecture, and romantic atmosphere. Opting for car rental in Verona not only allows you to discover the treasures of the city center, such as the iconic Roman Arena and Casa di Giulietta, but also to explore charming medieval villages, scenic vineyards, and breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding areas. This flexibility in travel provides the opportunity to customize your itinerary and fully enjoy the varied attractions and landscapes that the region has to offer. Whether you want to venture around Lake Garda, explore the vineyards of Valpolicella, or simply navigate the city with ease, car rental in Verona proves to be a convenient and rewarding option for travelers.

Verona rent a car

Renting a car in Verona depends on various factors such as the duration of your stay, your transportation needs, and the places you plan to visit. Verona, with its well-preserved historic center, can generally be explored on foot, but if you intend to visit the surrounding regions or take trips into the countryside, a rental car could be useful. If your itinerary mainly includes tourist sites in the city center, it may be more economical and practical to travel on foot or by public transport. However, if you want the freedom to explore the surrounding areas and discover places less accessible by public transportation, renting a car could be an interesting option.

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Car rental Verona airport Italy

Renting a car at Verona Airport can be a convenient option for travelers looking to have immediate mobility upon their arrival. Verona Airport, also known as Valerio Catullo Airport, offers a range of car rental services, providing visitors with the opportunity to choose from various well-established rental companies. This option allows travelers to save time and start exploring the region right after exiting the airport. It can be particularly advantageous for those planning to visit remote destinations or explore the beautiful surrounding countryside.

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Car rental Verona Italy train station

Renting a car in the center of Verona can be a convenient alternative for visitors who prefer to start their exploration of the city on foot or by other means of public transportation, and then opt for a rental car as needed. In the center of Verona, you will find several car rental agencies offering a range of vehicles suited to different needs. This option can be particularly advantageous if you plan to spend the majority of your time discovering the charms of the historic city center, which is often more accessible on foot. Renting a car in the center of Verona can sometimes be more economical than from the airport. However, it is essential to plan according to your specific itinerary and consider the available transportation options to ensure an optimal travel experience.

Cheap car rental in Verona

Renting a car in Verona can prove challenging if certain precautions are not taken. Perhaps you have already read our article with all the tips for renting a car in Italy, but we will try to summarize here some important points for renting a car cheaply in Verona:
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  • Booking in advance: The car fleet of agencies in Italy has been significantly reduced since the pandemic, and the demand for rentals is always higher than the available cars. As the peak season approaches, prices soar, sometimes they decrease before departure, sometimes not. So, it’s important to book as early as possible to benefit from the best rates.
  • Comparing prices: By comparing different rental offers, significant savings can be made. Especially by comparing prices from airports with those from the city center or neighboring cities accessible by train.
  • Opt for a reasonably sized car: Choose a car that suits your actual needs. Opting for a reasonably sized and economical car can not only save you on rental costs but also on fuel expenses. Sometimes it can be interesting to look at the prices of utility vehicles because sometimes it’s possible to find even lower rates.
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Top 10 things to do near Verona

Visiting Verona is a must-do experience! But if you have a car, there are places you absolutely must see:

  • Visiting Peschiera del Garda: In addition to the beautiful walks along the lake and lively squares filled with shops and cafes, the main attraction of this village is its magnificent fortress. The existing fortifications were renovated by the Venetians in the Quattrocento and, since 2017, have been part of UNESCO’s heritage alongside the walls of Bergamo Alta.
  • Going to Soave: The beautiful village of Soave, with its medieval castle overlooking the entire village from the heights.
  • Visiting Malcesine is one of the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda, and from there, the cable car also departs for the Monte Baldo station, located at 1760 meters above sea level.
  • Spending the day at one of Italy’s most beautiful amusement parks, Gardaland.
  • Entering the maze of Sigurtà Park after taking a stroll.
  • Exploring Borghetto sul Mincio with its ancient mills and stone alleyways.
  • Going on a zoo safari by car at the Natura Viva Park in Bussolengo.
  • Tasting one of the most famous wines after visiting a cellar among the provinces of Valpolicella, Bardolino, Soave, Lugana, Monti Lessini Durello, Valdadige, and Custoza.
  • Visiting an ancient rice field in Vigasio, the Riseria Gazzani.
  • Observing the Sanctuary (Santuario della Madonna della Corona) carved into the rock.

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