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Working in Turin Italy offers diverse professional prospects in a city that continues to evolve economically. With a booming job market, Turin stands out for its dynamism in several sectors. Explore with us the trends in the job market in Turin and discover the opportunities that make this city in Piedmont an attractive choice for those seeking new career opportunities. If you’re considering a career move or looking to start fresh, Turin may just be the perfect destination for you.

The job market in Turin

Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region and the fourth most populous city in Italy. It is also home to important universities, scientific, cultural, and artistic centers that attract students, tourists, and job seekers to Turin. The professional sector in Turin is so developed that the city ranks as the third-largest economic and productive complex in the entire country!

The city is also home to two major football teams, Juventus and Torino, and has been among the top ten most visited cities in Italy several times. According to the ItaliaOggi report on quality of life in Italy, Turin ranks in the top 30 for environment, education, training, and cities with the most innovative startups and SMEs, and in the top 10 for urban greenery density and public transportation availability. Among the urban centers near Turin with other interesting job offers are Chieri, Moncalieri, and Pinerolo (Source: Monster)

Jobs in demand in Turin

Turin is one of those Italian cities that offers career and growth opportunities in many industries and roles, although, according to data published by the Turin Chamber of Commerce, the business services and commerce sectors dominate the Turin economy.

In terms of the presence of companies in the area offering jobs in Turin, the construction, industry, personal services, tourism, and agriculture sectors are the most represented.

job market of piedmont

Unemployment rate in Turin

According to an article from TorinoOggi in July 2023, in 2022 there was a 2% increase in employment rate in Turin compared to the previous year, outperforming Milan and Rome.

The demand for employment was significantly rising, indicating companies’ willingness to hire. In 2022, it increased by 18%, and in any case by 12% compared to 2019. Turin performs better than the rest of the province and the region. There is also an increase in permanent contracts (+17% compared to 2019).

Job search is particularly dynamic, especially in public administration (+85%, albeit with limited numbers), but also in financial and insurance services (+37%), education and training, construction (+32%), industry and ICT (+25%).

However, the newspaper emphasizes that over the course of ten years, Turin has aged significantly: from 200 to 226 elderly people for every hundred young people, losing 6% of its population compared to 2012 and seeing a decrease of 37,000 individuals in the working age group.

Salary in Turin

Milan has the highest salaries in Italy, according to data from the Tagliacarne Institute. According to the same data, in Turin, on the other hand, the average annual salary is €15,424, which amounts to €1,200 per month. The capital of Piedmont ranks as the 14th city in Italy for the average income per employed worker (Rainews data 2023)

Job offers in Turin

To seize employment opportunities in Turin, you can search on, infojob, Linkedin, or temporary agencies such as Randstad, Adecco, Gigroup, Manpower.

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