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Working in Milan offers an exciting professional experience at the heart of Italy’s economic energy. As a dynamic metropolis, Milan presents a multitude of professional opportunities across various sectors, from finance to fashion to logistics. The city, renowned for its international influence, attracts both national and international companies, thus creating a diverse job market. Whether you aspire to a career in the flourishing finance sector, the vibrant creativity of the fashion industry, or the dynamic opportunities in logistics, Milan provides a fertile ground for professional development. Discover growth and professional fulfillment opportunities at the heart of this Italian metropolis that combines tradition and modernity

  1. The job market in Milan
  2. The jobs in demand in Milan
  3. The unemployment rate in Milan
  4. Average salary in Milan Italy
  5. Job offers in Milan

The job market in Milan

Milan undoubtedly stands as the Italian capital of fashion, joining the ranks of New York, Paris, and London in the prestigious global quartet of the industry (also known as the Big Four). According to the Quality of Life report in Italy published by ItaliaOggi, Milan also holds the top position concerning employment in the ranking of cities with the highest number of startups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. This highlights more prominently the essential and dominant role of the industrial and service sectors in the city’s economy.

Milan is also the headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange (Piazza Affari), major Italian publishing groups (Mondadori, Garzanti, and Feltrinelli, to name a few), and hosts various globally significant events such as the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Speaking of Milan, one cannot overlook its vibrant nightlife: the city is teeming with venues open at all hours, offering cultural entertainment and much more. Among the surrounding areas, Rho, Monza, and Busto Arsizio stand out for their thriving employment opportunities

The jobs in demand in Milan

According to Jobby Blog, there are four main sectors currently hiring in Milan:

  1. The restaurant sector in Milan: If you’re looking for a job in Milan without experience, the restaurant sector presents an excellent opportunity to start. Expand your horizons by exploring not only restaurants but also pizzerias, gelaterias, pastry shops, hot tables, pubs, and bars. Milan is renowned for its distinctive places along the Navigli! When you land your first job, you’ll begin to develop new skills and gain confidence. This will allow you to update your resume and aim for positions with more responsibilities.
  2. The hospitality sector in Milan: Milan is not only the financial hub but also the fashion capital. During Fashion Week, it turns into a huge catwalk. The city also hosts numerous exhibitions, events, and international fairs. It’s easy to find part-time employment in Milan in the hospitality sector. There is always a strong demand from hotels, conference centers, and exhibition spaces. If you speak a second language, you’ll have even more opportunities.
  3. The sales sector in Milan: Are you looking for part-time employment in Milan? You can find the solution that suits you in the retail sector. Stores often have continuous hours or are open during the weekend, thus requiring a lot of staff. If you want to work on rotation or part-time, immediately search among our ads and send in your application.
  4. The logistics sector in Milan: There’s a whole world working “behind the scenes” and constantly looking for new profiles to integrate into the team: the logistics and delivery sector. In the vast metropolitan area of Milan, many branches of large national and international companies are emerging. Here are some examples of jobs available immediately: Warehouse worker, Forklift operator, Delivery driver, or courier. Regarding deliveries, some ads require you to have a bike, scooter, or car. In other cases, the means of transportation are provided by the hiring company

The job market in Lombardy

The unemployment rate in Milan

According to a study by the municipality of Bologna, Milan was the third Italian city with the highest employment rate in 2022, behind Florence and Bologna, which occupied the second position.

At the regional level, Lombardy is the fourth region with the lowest unemployment rate.

Milan currently benefits from a relatively low unemployment rate, creating a favorable climate in the professional realm. As the economic engine of Italy, the city offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various sectors. The economic vibrancy, particularly in finance, fashion, and logistics, contributes to maintaining a dynamic job market. Furthermore, the presence of numerous national and international companies in the metropolitan area of Milan stimulates job creation. With that being said, the diversity of industries in Milan allows job seekers to find opportunities that match their skills and professional aspirations. This low unemployment rate underscores the economic vitality of the city and makes Milan an attractive destination for those seeking new career prospects.

Average salary in Milan Italy

According to it.talent, the average salary in Milan is €2563, which equates to €30,750 per year or €15.77 per hour. Entry-level positions earn an annual salary of €22,629, while more experienced workers can earn up to €58,500 per year.

Salaries are typically paid over 13 months, but some companies pay over 14 months, and you generally receive this information during the interview. Additionally, Lombardy is the region with the highest salaries in all of Italy.

Job offers in Milan

To seize job opportunities in Milan, you can search on websites such as, infojob, Linkedin, or temporary work agencies like Randstad, Adecco, Gigroup, Manpower.

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