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Working in Bologna in 2024 can prove to be an interesting option. Bologna, the jewel of the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, offers much more than its rich historical and cultural heritage. This dynamic city is also a thriving economic center, providing a variety of professional opportunities. Between the medieval alleys of the Città Alta and the modern buzz of the Città Bassa, Bologna is where tradition and innovation intersect. In 2022, the Metropolitan City of Bologna recorded one of the highest employment rates among major Italian cities, reflecting an expanding economy. Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking new opportunities or a recent graduate looking to kick-start your career, working in Bologna offers a unique balance between the city’s exceptional quality of life and the stimulating professional opportunities it provides.

  1. The job market in Bologna
  2. The jobs hiring in Bologna
  3. The unemployment rate in Bologna
  4. Salary in Bologna
  5. Job offers in Bologna

The job market in Bologna

Among those motivated to seek employment in Bologna are not only recent graduates from the University of Bologna, the oldest in the Western world, and other universities, but also more experienced professionals. Bologna is the birthplace of free radio in Italy and is part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities, which has also designated the city’s porticoes as a World Heritage Site. In the annual rankings of Il Sole 24 Ore on the quality of life in Italian cities, Bologna has repeatedly won first place and continues to rank in the top 15. Among other urban centers near Bologna offering interesting job opportunities are Imola, Modena, and Ferrara.

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The jobs hiring in Bologna

According to data published by UnionCamere on the needs of businesses in Bologna, the industries offering the most job opportunities are those in the fields of information technology, physics and chemistry, construction, and commerce. Among the most demanded professions are unskilled personnel in cleaning services and personal services, skilled workers in construction, as well as workers in the metallurgical and electromechanical industries.

The unemployment rate in Bologna

In 2022, the Metropolitan City of Bologna records, after Bolzano (74.1%) and Florence (71.9%), the highest employment rate, reaching 71.6%, up by 1.7 points compared to 2021

According to the 2022 study on the job market in Bologna, it indicates that the employment rate for the municipality of Bologna is the highest among major cities and reaches 73%, followed by the municipality of Milan (72.4%). Thus, Bologna regains the top spot after being ranked second in 2021, behind Milan. This top position was also achieved in 2020, 2019, and 2018.

The city of Bologna drops to the second place after Florence (70.9%) regarding the employment rate of women, standing at 68.1%. Milan follows with 67.3%

Salary in Bologna

According to data from ISTAT reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, Bologna is the 3rd Italian city with the highest average salary in Italy. In 2019, the average annual salary in Bologna was €25,910.80, making it an economically interesting city.

Job offers in Bologna

To seize employment opportunities in Bologna, you can search on, infojob, Linkedin, or temporary agencies such as Randstad, Adecco, Gigroup, Manpower.

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