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Observing the Como Lake real estate listings in 2024 might just persuade you to invest in property on Como Lake. It’s a destination that captivates you, and you’re eager to learn more? In this article, we’ll delve into the types of properties and the various sectors available in this splendid location, renowned for its attractive real estate market and visited by millions of tourists each year.

  1. Lake Como homes for sales
  2. Where to buy on Lake Como?
  3. Lake Como property for sale
  4. Advantages of buying on Lake Como

Lake Como homes for sales

Based on budget, you can choose one area over another. For example, areas located on the left side of the lake and near Como are the most expensive, whereas the right side of the lake, the branch known as Lake Lecco, and areas further away from Como, have a lower price.

According to a report from, real estate prices on Lake Como have been steadily increasing since 2020. The most sought-after areas of Lake Como include Como, Cernobbio, Blevio, Moltrasio, Torno, Carate Urio, Nesso, Laglio, Faggeto Lario, Argegno, Dizzasco, Colonno, Sala Comacina, Tremezzina, Bellagio, Griante, Menaggio, Porlezza, Valsolda, Pianello del Lario, and Domaso.

For searching real estate properties for sale on Lake Como, you can rely on,, and, which are the referenced real estate listing sites in Italy.

Where to buy on Lake Como?

Depending on your budget and your project, you’ll have several areas available on Lake Como.

For instance, if you have a minimum of 200,000 euros available and you wish to open a bed and breakfast business on Lake Como, then the center of Como could be a good choice. In the center, you’ll exclusively find apartments.

With a lower budget, you can access all the small villages around the lake and focus on the Lake Lecco area. With a budget of 100 000 to 150 000 euros, you can find apartments in very good condition or small houses that require renovation work. However, there are always good deals to be found!

Finally, if you don’t have a plan to start a B&B business on Lake Como, then you just have to be guided by your budget and your heart, which will help you find the ideal accommodation for unforgettable weekends and holidays in Italy.

real estate in Como Lake

Lake Como property for sale

Among the property listings for sale on Lake Como, you’ll need to pay attention to several factors.

The majority of the houses you’ll see won’t be very new; some will require extensive renovations, others will be poorly laid out, and some may not be in strategic locations. It’s evident that, as with anywhere, the higher your available budget, the more choices you’ll have.

Buying a house in Italy is never straightforward when you’re coming from abroad. It’s important to have the necessary information to decide whether you want to establish your primary residence in Italy or choose to primarily come for vacations and weekends. In the latter case, you could become the proud owner of a vacation home in Italy.

Advantages of buying on Lake Como

There are several advantages to buying a house on Lake Como:

  • Lake Como is a highly sought-after destination by tourists from around the world, and some of the most famous VIPs come here to spend their vacations.
  • Short-term and long-term rentals are in high demand due to a growing demand for B&B accommodations from tourists, as well as a shortage of long-term housing for Italians who work in Switzerland and wish to live near the border.

These reasons make Lake Como a highly desirable location for purchasing a second home in Italy.

Are you ready to discovering the Como Lake real estate and browse the listings of houses for sale on Lake Como in 2024?

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