Renting a car in Puglia

It’s time to start looking at websites to rent a car in Puglia to prepare for your 2024 vacation! Get ready for spectacular landscapes, traditional cuisine, and sandy beaches! The region of Puglia is among the top 10 favorite regions in Italy, and once you’re there, you’ll understand why. If you want to explore the entire region, it’s advisable to rent a vehicle; this will allow you to see more and venture away from touristy paths, experiencing Italy to the fullest. In this article, we aim to provide you with some information to help you find the best rental deals!

  1. Renting a car in Bari airport
  2. Renting a car in Bari
  3. Renting a car in Brindisi Airport
  4. Low-cost car rental in Puglia

Renting a car in Bari airport

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In Puglia, there are two airports, one located in Bari and the other in Brindisi. Bari, however, receives more tourists each year, while Brindisi has the advantage of offering more economical flights. Bari holds a strategic position; therefore, renting a car in Bari can allow you to easily reach the north or south of this beautiful region.

Renting a car at Bari airport is very convenient, but let’s not forget that convenience always comes at a cost! The demand for vehicles is always very high, and the prices reflect that. That being said, you have a choice among the numerous rental companies at the airport, allowing you to hit the road right away

rent a car in Puglia

Renting a car in Bari

In most destinations, renting a car in the city center is cheaper than at the airport. However, a different phenomenon occurs in Puglia, where cars are more expensive in the city center than at the airport. This isn’t a hard and fast rule; always try to simulate renting a car at Bari airport and in the city center of Bari, and you might be surprised by the prices!

Getting to the center of Bari is easy thanks to the bus that connects the airport to the center in just 20 minutes.

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Renting a car in Brindisi airport

We mentioned earlier that renting a car in Brindisi is much more economical than renting one in Bari. Have you compared the prices yet? Once you arrive at Brindisi airport, you have two options: renting a car directly at the airport or heading to the city center to try to get a lower price. However, as we mentioned earlier, in Puglia, renting a car at Brindisi airport will probably cost you less than in the city center. This is because, unlike other regions, there is a greater availability of vehicles at airports compared to city centers, and this significantly influences prices. Additionally, at Brindisi airport, you’ll find the largest car rental companies that will allow you to get on the road immediately upon your arrival.

Low-cost car rental in Puglia

You’ve probably already read our advice through the article discussing how to rent a car in Italy, but we’d like to give you a few more tips that can always be useful:

  1. Booking in advance: The car fleet of agencies in Italy has been significantly reduced since the pandemic, and the demand for rentals is always higher than the available cars. As the peak season approaches, prices soar, sometimes they drop before departure, sometimes not. Therefore, it’s important to book as early as possible to benefit from the best rates.
  2. Renting a utility vehicle: No one ever thinks about it, but these vehicles can cost up to a third of the price of a car rental, so if you’re traveling as a pair and prefer to save money rather than driving a fancy car, then a Fiat Fiorino could do the job!
  3. Renting a car when the rental agency is open: Agencies apply a surcharge for hourly overrun, which can go up to 50 euros per hour for vehicle pickup or delivery outside of the agency’s opening hours.
  4. Receive a personalized offer for Brindisi or Bari, thanks to our partnership with Discovercars.

To delve deeper into the topic of car rental in Italy, you can read our dedicated article. Ready to rent a car in Puglia?

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