Renting car in Tuscany

Planning a vacation in Tuscany means having the opportunity to visit the iconic attractions of major cities, but also to get lost in picturesque vineyards, enchanting medieval villages, and panoramic landscapes that characterize this region. Renting a car in Tuscany will allow you to reach the most remote cities and experience the most extraordinary adventures! In this article, we will see together all the tips for car rental in Tuscany.

  1. Rent a car in Pisa
  2. Renting a car in the center of Pisa
  3. Cheap Rental car in Pisa
  4. Renting a car at Florence airport
  5. Renting a car in Florence
  6. Cheap car rental in Florence
  7. Rental car in Siena

Rent a car in Pisa

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The Pisa Airport is the main airport in Tuscany, so it’s likely to be simpler and more economical to arrive at the airport from abroad. Generally, renting a car at Pisa Airport is not very expensive, but the choice of rental depends on your itinerary. If you plan to only travel within cities served by public transportation, then renting a car might be unnecessary.

Renting a car in the center of Pisa

If you’ve reached the center of Pisa by train or bus, you’ll likely find it easier to opt for renting a car in the center of Pisa, but know that in this city, rental prices from the airport are more economical. But then how do you get to the airport? Pisa isn’t a very large city, and you can reach the airport, which is 1.5 km from the train station, on foot (with a brisk pace, you can get there in less than 30 minutes). However, if you have a lot of luggage, you can opt for the Pisa Mover shuttle service, which for 5 euros and in less than 5 minutes will take you to your destination.

Cheap car rental in Pisa

There are no secrets, to benefit from cheap car rental in Pisa, it’s important to start the search for your holiday car in advance, compare different rental platforms, and only choose a larger vehicle if necessary. However, car prices are cheaper in cities like Florence, which you can reach in 1 hour by train and for less than 10 euros. Depending on your itinerary, moving to benefit from a better rate could be a solution worth considering

Renting a car at Florence Airport

If you arrive at the airport, renting a car directly at Florence Airport could be the simplest solution. At the airport, you’ll find major international car rental companies like Hertz or Sixt, as well as budget rentals, which could offer you more advantageous rates

Renting a car in Florence

Car rental in the center of Florence is possible, but less common, as the city center is the historical center of Florence. Nevertheless, there are still rental companies, and it doesn’t cost anything to do a simulation to see if the prices are more favorable than at Florence Airport during the dates of your stay.

Florence Airport is only 5.5 km from Florence train station, and you can reach it by tram for a ticket price of 1.50 euros, which is valid for 90 minutes

rent a car in Tuscany

Cheap car rental in Florence

You’ve probably already read our article explaining how to rent a car in Italy, but to get a cheap car rental in Florence, we want to give you some additional tips:

  1. Book your vehicle when the rental agency is open: Outside of opening hours, the rental agency applies a surcharge on rentals, usually ranging between 50 and 70 euros. If possible, try to arrange pick-up and drop-off when the agency is open to save on this extra charge.
  2. Reserve your vehicle only for the days you need it: City centers are easier to explore on foot or using public transportation. So, if your itinerary includes days for visiting Florence, Siena, or Pisa, a car is not essential on those days, and you’ll also save on parking fees, which are generally expensive.
  3. Rent a utility vehicle if possible: It’s not commonly thought of, but for two travelers, a utility vehicle is sufficient and has enough space for luggage. Rental agencies have noticed this increasing demand from tourists looking for alternatives to the exorbitant prices of car rentals during peak season. You can try simulating a rental with agencies in the city center.
  4. Receive a personalized offer for Pisa, Florence, or Siena through our partnership with Discover Cars

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Rental car in Siena

Siena is a city that is very well explored on foot or by public transport, as paid parking and narrow streets can make it a bit challenging for tourists. Car rental in Siena might turn out to be more expensive than in other cities. The advice given for Pisa also applies to Siena: if you have the opportunity to travel to Florence, which offers more favorable rental rates, and also to reduce the number of rental days, it could save you money on your rental. This is one of the only solutions to renting a cheap car in Siena, as it is a city that offers fewer rental opportunities.

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